Sexually attracted to children?

You are not alone. Confidential treatment is available and successful.

There is hope for a better life.

Confidential treatment is available and successful. If you are struggling with an attraction towards children, there is a way out. Individuals like you can learn to control their sexual feelings toward children and find relief.

Call the hotline at 1.888.773.8368 for confidential and anonymous support in the U.S.

Don’t suffer the consequences.

Viewing child porn is a federal crime and people who get caught face severe legal and personal consequences.

Anonymous self-help and support through secure messaging can help you find a way out.

You are not alone.

Why continue to feel guilty and ashamed? The Help Wanted Prevention Project is an online course to provide help to adolescents and young adults attracted to younger children

Why change?

This is not a victimless crime. Child pornography is child sexual abuse.